Before and After Case Photos

Ehlers-bef Ehlers-aft
Before: Patient lost one old porcelain veneer; others are stained at gumline. After: Patient’s smile restored with 4 natural looking porcelain fused to gold crowns.
Graziano-bef Graziano-aft
Before: Enamel of molar worn away by eating excessive amount of citrus fruit and by grinding. After: Molar restored in less than 10 minutes with painless application of tooth-colored epoxy/acrylic resin. Blue carbon marks show bite is re-established.
Bubb-bef Bubb-aft
Before: Old porcelain veneers are too bulky and show stained roots; adjacent teeth show rough, discolored bonding. After: Smile restored with well-proportioned porcelain fused to gold crowns on central teeth and harmonizing new tooth-colored resin bonding on lateral teeth.
Wang-bef Wang-aft
Before: Patient embarrassed by mal-positioned upper central tooth with rough, chipped, discolored bonding. After: Smile restored in one painless visit with new resin bonding.