Latest Developments


SINCE NOVEMBER 2000 — ¬†Diagnostic Laser to Find Cavities at Earliest Stage, before they can be seen on x-rays. As part of every initial and follow-up dental exam, Dr. Valentino employs the Diagnodent, a painless wand that detects hidden decay by laser fluorescence. A baseline reading of healthy enamel is established for each patient. Suspect areas (stained grooves on biting surfaces, etc.) are then scanned and the control unit of the device produces a digital readout above threshold and alerts the dentist and patient with a tone that increases in pitch proportional to the depth of subsurface decay. This allows the most conservative repair (sealant or filling) to be placed with the greatest preservation of enamel. Sometimes the minimal repair can be made without Novocain. The device employs a laser similar to the one that scans your grocery items. It can even detect otherwise invisible decay under defective sealants or old white fillings! To see how it works click on this link.


SINCE DECEMBER 2000 — ¬†Therapeutic Laser Introduced for Precise Non-traumatic Treatment of Gum Disease, for Biopsy, Sterile Removal of Oral Tumors, and Desensitization of Canker Sores. The Pulsemaster 600IQ NdYAG laser employs a flexible fiber optic filament to deliver a precise, controlled energy to vaporize diseased tissues and cauterize (control bleeding) at the same time, eliminating need for stitches. Trauma to adjacent tissues is virtually eliminated and the need for local anesthesia is greatly reduced. This laser is also FDA approved for selective removal of enamel decay and is certified as safe and effective for these and other dental uses. For more information click on this link.